Canadian “radical” runs over two soldiers

Two Canadian Armed Forces soldiers were intentionally run over by a car, driven by what is described as a “radicalized” man, in the province of Quebec. One of the soldiers succumbed to his injuries and the perpetrator (Martin Rouleau) was shot by police at the end of a brief car chase. It is being reported that Rouleau’s Facebook page identifies him as Ahmad LeConverti (Ahmad the Converted) who converted to Islam last year and was interested in the ongoing Middle East campaigns of the Islamic State.

Overturned car of radicalized Quebecer Martin Rouleau (Ahmad LeConverti)

Overturned car of radicalized Quebecer Martin Rouleau (Ahmad LeConverti)

The above story from the Toronto Star also adds that:

“It was a terrorist attack and Martin died like he wanted to. That’s what happened,” one close friend, who asked not to be named, told the Star…

As Rouleau fled from the scene, La Presse reported, he called a 911 dispatcher and explained that he was “acting in the name of Allah.”

All of this happened with local police chasing him along one of the town’s main thoroughfares and into a residential area, where Rouleau lost control of his vehicle, flipped, and landed upside down in a ditch.

He reportedly emerged from the overturned car with a knife in his hands, a threat that drew the gunfire of police.

 Though the method of murder is different, this targeting of soldiers does remind us of the 2013 Lee Rigby murder from Great Britain.


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