Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt on a mass scale

The rise of ISIS/ISIL over the last few months has seen FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) levels soaring across many parts of the world. There are many aspects of this entity that seem wrong just at a gut instinct level. Despite the risk of being labelled a crazy conspiracy, it behooves the interested researcher to delve deeper into this ISIS phenomenon and the violent form of terrorism they are publicizing.  One interesting perspective is provided in this well detailed article from the Vigilant Citizen.

An ISIS conspiracy?

An ISIS conspiracy with ties to ancient Egypt?

Basically, in the span of a few months, a terrorist group literally popped out of nowhere, causing mayhem in the very regions the US and its allies have been looking to attack for years. Its name: Islamic State in Syria, or ISIS. The name itself is symbolic and revealing. Why is an “Islamic” group named after an Ancient Egyptian goddess? Perhaps because it is a favorite figure of the occult elite – the true culprits that are behind the horrors of ISIS.