What do we know about Omar Mateen (Omar Mir Seddique)?

America is reeling from the gruesome murder of 49 and injuries to another 53 victims of the terrorist act committed by Omar Mateen at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida. There are many articles and tweets about Mateen’s background but here are some key things to remember about this Islamic terrorist.

  1. Omar Mateen was born (Omar Mir Seddique) in New York, to Afghan (refugee) parents.
  2. His father has been involved in post-9/11 Afghan politics from the United States.
  3. He is purported to be a religious (Muslim) man who regularly attended the Orlando Islamic Centre.
  4. Mateen was married and then divorced, accused by his ex-wife of abusive behavior.
  5. He was unabashedly anti-gay but is also believed to be a registered Democrat.
  6. He was questioned a couple of times by the FBI after making inflammatory comments to co-workers.
  7. Since 2007, Omar Mateen was employed as a security officer by Homeland Security contractor and global security services company, G4S.
  8. As part of this job, he passed stringent government background checks (in 2007 and 2013) and was not on any terror watch list.
  9. Omar Mateen was also licensed and trained by G4S in handling firearms as a security officer (aka private cop).
  10. He is reported to have called into 911 just before his attack on the Pulse night club and claimed to carrying out his act of terror on behalf of ISIS.