Dozens of terrorists arrested in Europe wide raids

The terror attacks in Paris seem to have woken up law enforcement authorities in several European countries as Islamic terrorists have been arrested in Belgium, FranceĀ  and Germany. The epicenter of the recent counter terrorism action was Belgium where two terrorists were killed in raids as security services moved in believing that terrorist attacks on Belgian police and citizens were imminent. Belgian prosecutors are saying that terrorists planned to conduct multiple attacks against police officers both on the streets and also attacks on some police stations. Many of those arrested are believed to have previously traveled to fight in Syria and were under surveillance.

Though it is unclear whether these perpetrators had any direct relations with the Paris terrorists, this type of jihadi terrorism in Europe has long been feared by security experts. Previous arguments about the fractured European society, immigration, muslim no-go-zones, ghettoization of many European cities, radical preaching, etc., which were and are still considered non-politically correct arguments, are again being brought to light. The copycat effect from Paris is likely also in play as those with similar ideologies and plans, would look to maximize the effect of the terror, on the populace.

Belgian police and special forces conducted raids against Islamic terrorists

Belgian police and special forces conducted raids against Islamic terrorists

He earlier told a news conference that the group, some of whom had recently returned from Syria, was “on the verge of carrying out terrorist attacks to kill police officers on public roads and in police stations.”

Police found four Kalashnikov rifles, explosives, ammunition and communications equipment during the raids, along with police uniforms.

Jihadist Twitter accounts later identified the two dead men as Radwan Haqawi and Tareq Jadoun and published what it said was a photo of them in Syria. Belgian authorities did not confirm their identities. (Expatica BE)

As was the case in Paris, the discovery and use of military grade weapons may come as a shock to many who are told that guns are tightly controlled in Europe. This may be true for the average citizen, but criminals (and by that extension terrorists) have never had problems acquiring deadly weapons.